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Alabama, AL (12)
Arizona, AZ (2)
Arkansas State Police, AR (5)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (8)
California Attorney General, CA (15)
Colorado Dept. of Correction, CO (40)
Connecticut Dept. of Public Safety, CT (1)
Delaware, DE (28)
Department of Homeland Security (9)
Drug Enforcement Agency (1,207)
FBI (486)
Florida Dept of Corrections, FL (3,513)
Florida Dept of Law Enforcement, FL (2)
Florida Highway Patrol, FL (16)
Hawaii, HI (18)
Idaho Dept. of Corrections, ID (42)
Illinois Dept. of Corrections, IL (9)
Illinois State Police, IL (7)
Indiana Dept. of Corrections, IN (160)
Indiana State Police, IN (1)
Kansas Bureau of Investigation, KS (28)
Kentucky, KY (44)
Louisiana Dept. of Corrections, LA (16)
Massachusetts State Police, MA (26)
Michigan State Police, MI (20)
Minnesota Dept. of Corrections, MN (513)
Mississippi Dept. of Public Safety, MS (4)
Missouri State Highway Patrol, MO (2)
Montana Dept. of Corrections, MT (2)
Nevada Dept. of Public Safety, NV (27)
Nevada Gaming Commission, NV (22)
Nevada State Contractors Board, NV (11)
New Hampshire Dept. of Safety, NH (10)
New Jersey Division of Justice, NJ (10)
New Jersey State Police, NJ (10)
New Mexico Corrections Dept., NM (39)
New Mexico Dept. of Public Safety, NM (35)
New York Sherriff's Association, NY (7)
New York State Dept. of Corrections, NY (146)
New York State Police, NY (3)
North Carolina Department Of Correction, NC (294)
North Carolina Department of Justice, NC (7)
Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections, OK (1)
Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections, OK (77)
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, OK (4)
Oregon Dept. of Corrections, OR (3)
Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, PA (137)
Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, PA (1,003)
Pennsylvania State Police, PA (9)
South Carolina Dept. of Corrections, SC (12)
South Carolina Dept. of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services , SC (12)
South Dakota, SD (5)
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, TN (7)
Tennessee, TN (30)
Texas Dept. of Public Safety, TX (20)
US Marshal Service (13)
US Postal Inspection Service (73)
US Secret Service (7)
US State Department (41)
Virginia Dept. of Correction, VA (8)
Virginia State Police, VA (14)
Washington State Department of Corrections, WA (80)
Wisconsin, WI (32)
Oliver Miller Jr.
5'04" 120  Male
charge of Failure to Maintain Sex Offender Registry
Clementino Perez Perez
5'06" - 05"08" 150 -170 Hispanic Male
Bath County Murder
Larnell Darnell Simpson
5'10" 235 Black Male
Enrigue Ruben Ramirez
5'08" 185 White Male
for DUI, Speeding and Fleeing and Evading
Lawrence Albert Raifsnider
  White Male
Criminal Possession of Forged Instrument in Bourbon County
George Gus Phillips
5'00" 175 White Male
Escape 2nd
Aquilion Patricio
5'04" 150 Hispanic Male
Assault 4th
Marcelo M. Paloma
5'06" 160 White Male
Sexaul Abuse 1st in Grant County
Octavio Salas Ojeda
5'06" 150 Hispanic Male
Kidnapping and Murder
Brian E Martin
6'03" 190 White Male
Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence and Operating on a Suspended License in Bourbon County
Martin Guzman
 5'10" White Male
Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapon and Possession of a Defaced Firearm in Nicholas County
Lonnie Gross
5'06" 150  Male
Convicted Felon In Possession Of Handgun
Jackie Donald Gordon
5'05" 130 White Male
Cultivating Marijuana.
Dionisio Santiago Gijon
  Hispanic Male
Murder and Kidnapping
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